Human Action for Peace, Prosperity and Sustainable Development (HAPPS), a non-profit organization working in the field of education, youth empowerment, youth issues, and environment, (issues directly or indirectly associated with Peace, Prosperity and Sustainability), organized “PEACE THROUGH CREATIVITY AND AWARENESS PROGRAM” at Miniland School, Shankhamul, Kathmandu, Nepal on 14th September 2014. The program was organized on the occasion of Children’s Day 2071 in order to cultivate the seed of importance of peaceful society in children’s mind..


We at HAPPS believe that “Children are the future leaders of the nation”. Therefore, it is very necessary to enhance their creativity and skills by inspiring them through various activities. Their creativity, awareness and light of real education only can give Peace, Prosperity and Sustainability in future. Our actions are directed by our behaviours and our behaviours are directed by our knowledge. Due to this reason, we should sow the seed of knowledge regarding the necessity of peace in mind during every person’s childhood .Then, their behaviours will come accordingly and finally their deeds will be motivated towards maintaining Peace, harmony, fraternity and brotherhood in family, society, nation and whole world. This can only create for the peaceful and prosperous real human world in future. With this motive HAPPS organized Essay Competition for the students, Singing/Dancing program for awareness, Discussion and Speeches at Miniland School, Kathmandu.


The program was divided into three different parts. Program began with Essay Writing Competition on the topic, “Importance of Peace”. According to the advice of HAPPS, school had given one extra class of Peace for the students for one week. Therefore, students showed their creative and new ideas about peace, its importance, effects in its absence and ways to get peace in any country through their essays. First, Second and Third prizes/certificates were awarded to the winners of the competition. Followed by Essay Writing Competition, Singing/Dancing program was organized in which students and organizers sang and dances in some songs that creates awareness regarding peace/harmony and brotherhood in any society. Children became the most attentive in this session of the program. Through the means of entertainment, they were given effective knowledge and education about peace in this part of the program. The third part of the program was Discussion and Speeches session. In this part of the program; organizers from HAPPS, students, teachers, staffs, singers and all other participants of the program discussed for a while and found out the real meaning of peace, situation of peace in Nepal and world, its importance, effects in its absence and ways/methods to establish peace in any society. Chairman, Chief Guest and Guests of the program delivered their inspiring and motivational speeches in front of students about the necessity of peace in the Speech part of the program.


The program was organized in the chairmanship of Mr. Basu Dev Khanal (President, HAPPS) in which Principal of Miniland School was the Chief Guest and teachers/academicians and singers were the guests. Other participants of the program were members of HAPPS, teachers/staffs, journalists, singers, and students.




To sum up, “Peace through Creativity and Awareness Program” organized by HAPPS at Miniland School cultivated the words of peace in the children’s mind through Creative activities like Essay competition, singing/dancing and through discussion and speeches. HAPPS is hopeful that the behaviours of those children will be directed by their knowledge about Peace and their deeds will be to maintain peace, brotherhood, and fraternity in their family, society, nation and the whole world which will be helpful to create peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world in the future.
We are thankful to all our enthusiastic team members, guests, supporters, participants, volunteers, and all our well-wishers for their valuable support and cooperation to make this event highly successful.


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