Human Action for Peace, Prosperity and Sustainable Development (HAPPS), a non-profit based organization working in the field of Education, Awareness and Skills Development, organized Educational Materials Distribution Program for the 178 unprivileged, poor and earthquake victimized children on the occasion of National Children’s Day 2072 at Kaalika Kaaprabhanjyang Lower Secondary School, Maidi VDC-08, Dhading, which is around 100 km from the capital city of

OBJECTIVE OF THE PROGRAMThe main objective of organizing the program was to encourage and support the children who want to continue their education despite the hardships faced due to the recent earthquake.
ABOUT THE PROGRAMThe program was organized on the occasion of 52nd National Children’s Day. Apart from the distribution of educational materials to the children, the program also includes poem recitation and cultural programs conducted by the students. The Secretary of HAPPS, Mr Kushal Aryal made the program lively buy conducting the program with educational songs. The educational materials distributed included school bags and stationery items, which the children were ecstatic to receive. The program was conducted with the presence of representatives of the VDC, local members of political parties, journalists, social workers and the residents of the VDC. Despite being close to the capital city, not much infrastructural development could be seen in the area, with the locals struggling to travel through highly treacherous route. The school was in a dire situation with the building damaged due to the recent earthquake and the teachers struggling to teach with less salary. The school’s headmistress Manamaya Loppa mentioned that the school had been running with minimal financial support and expressed her gratitude towards the representatives of HAPPS for reaching out to the school with educational materials for the children, which would definitely prove to be a push factor for the children to continue their education. The Village Development Committee Representatives and local political leaders highly appreciated the effort of HAPPS for being successful in reaching out to the actual targeted group who really need such support and also expressed that no other organization had reached out to their area previously.

The program was conducted with the funding support of the campaign conducted by HAPPS member Mr. Birendra Chalaune, who is currently based in Japan. Reaching to the school was itself a difficult task for the members along with the educational materials but the warm and hearty welcome of the people and their appreciation towards this small effort that we made highly motivated us. We, at HAPPS believe that children have the right to education, and providing with the motivation and encouragement to continue their education is a must for uplifting the society. Being with the young diligent minds trying to study despite the hardships they faced in terms of lack of proper educational materials or infrastructure has encouraged us more to work towards helping them in reaching the light of education and this program definitely was a stepping stone for us.

Posted: 14th January 2016 by HAPPS

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