On 18th November 2014, HAPPS organized Sustainability Through Education and Awareness (SEA) program on Bihunkot VDC, Baglung, Nepal. 

Objective:- To make youths aware of climate change, it’s impact and ways to prevent it.- To provide knowledge about the necessity of a healthy environment.- To bring positive change in the behaviours of individual towards nature.

Participants:More than 300 youths, students, scholars, teachers, etc. from Bihunkot VDC, Baglung.

About the Program:The program was organized in three phases.

a. Discussion: In this part of the program, youths, students, academicians etc discussed on different aspects of climate change, it’s impact and effort from the local level to overcome this problem.
b. Awareness through Music and Songs: In this section of the program, organizers and students sang the songs carrying the message for the necessity of a healthy environment and our duties towards nature.
c. Creative Competition: In this phase, speech competition in the topic “Climate Change; It’s an effect in Local Level” was organized and prizes were given to the winners.

Conclusion: HAPPS believe that SEA program became successful in arousing public awareness about Climate Change and the efforts from local level to combat it.

Posted:  9th January 2016 by HAPPS

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