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At Durbar High School (Bhanu Ma. Vi.),    Ranipokhari,     Kathmandu, Nepal     

                          On 19th Sept. 2014                                    

                            An initiative by: MISSION BHARTIYAM

Information about Tree for Harmony:

A war cannot achieve what peace can. The forces of peace can rule over ignorance and superstition, over illiteracy, over disease and physical suffering, over poverty and oppression. The conquests of peace are nonviolent and bloodless. They cause no grief to humanity and do not damage life or property. War causes streams of blood and untold havoc. The victory of peace leaves no maimed limbs or mutilated bodies, no ruined cities or scorched fields.      Like peace, brotherhood can do wonders. Instead of walking alone, if we have a companion, the journey becomes easier. We don’t have to struggle alone. We aim for this. We want to initiate friendship, brotherhood and peace in the entire world. And for this, we turn to “our evergreen friends” – trees. What can be more symbolic of these values than a tree? A tree grows freely, digs its roots deeply and also gives life to other trees. It is a symbol of stability, growth and prosperity. A tree also grows freely, without any discrimination. And this is the message that we want to send. Like trees, we should do away with barriers of caste, religion, ethnicity and others boundaries. Like trees, we should grow together. For this, Mission Bhartiyam, an India-based organisation, has initiated “Tree for harmony”.  Tree for Harmony(TFH) is celebrated between 16th September (World Ozone Day) and 21st September (World Peace Day). Under Tree for Harmony(TFH), we plant a symbolic tree labeled as “Harmony Tree” and try to disseminate the concept and message for a healthy environment and society through a discussion, painting, essay programme or any other relevant awareness programme. TFH is observed by creating a network. Mission Bhartiyam observes TFH by collaborating with different organisations around the world.  So by this event, the twin challenges of environment and the need for peace will be addressed. TFH seeks to make people aware and sensitive about the need for a sustainable environment and a peaceful society.This is our third year of Tree for Harmony. In our two earlier TFH weeks during last years, we had observed it in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal with the help of organizations there.  This year, we are happy that Tree for Harmony will be observed in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sudan, Nigeria, Cameroon and Congo. 
Human Action for Peace, Prosperity & Sustainable Development (HAPPS), Nepal based NGO working for peace, prosperity and sustainability in Nepal  is the collaborator organization to organize TREE FOR HARMONY:2014 in Kathmandu, Nepal.


Human Action for Peace, Prosperity & Sustainable Development – HAPPS (NGO working for peace, prosperity and sustainability in Nepal ) organized TREE FOR HARMONY:2014 in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The event is organised by Durbar High School (the oldest School of Nepal, established in 1854 A.D.) on 19th September 2014. To address the challenges of environment and need of Peace, Harmony and brotherhood; HAPPS celebrated this program dividing it into four parts: Tree plantation, Discussion and Posters/Pamphlets displaying, Awareness through music and songs and speech competition.

a). Tree Plantation:

students planting trees

chairman & Chief Guest- Planting a tree

Chairman, Chief guest, guests, members of HAPPS, students and all the participants of program planted different tress on the premises of Durbar High School. More than 25 trees were planted around the barren ground of the School. A tree was labelled as a ‘Harmony Tree’ Which was described by the chairman as a symbol of Harmony from a tree. HAAPS handed the responsibility in protecting those trees to the school and students. HAPPS also formed a two member-ed committee headed by Mr. Kushal Aryal (Secretary, HAPPS) to monitor and supervise the planted trees and also to plant more trees in the school in coming days.

b) Discussion and Poster/Pamphlets Displaying:

All the participants and students discussed the importance of a healthy and harmonious society. Participants seemed to be discussing in different groups regarding these two major challenges of Peace and Harmony in the modern age.  They figured out the challenges, their causes, their effects and ways to prevent them. Similarly, posters and pamphlets mentioning quotes like, “Stop Climate Changes before it changes you”, “Let’s shake our hands to preserve our nature and to create harmony”, “This Earth is what we have in common”, etc. were displayed to emphasize on the need of harmony and healthy environment.

c)     Awareness through songs and music:

HAPPS believes that music and songs are the most influential methods to create awareness in the people in any issues. Therefore, HAPPS used this method in TFH 2014 to make people aware about the need for a sustainable environment and a peaceful society. Two National folk singers- Mr. Krishna Ranabhat ( Treasurer of HAPPS) and Mr. Amrit Sunari Magar (General Member of HAPPS) sang some songs that disseminated the message to save nature and to create harmony in the society. As participants were influenced and become the most attractive, this part of the program became the most effective one in fulfilling the aim to aware people. Participants also enjoyed and dance in those awakening songs.

d)    Speech Competition:

Speech competition on the topic: Tree for Harmony was organized as a TFH 2014 celebration. Students of Durbar High School participated in the speech competition.  They delivered speech about the tree as a symbol of harmony in the society. First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth prizes and certificates were awarded to the winners of the competition. Chairman, Chief
Guest and Guests of the program also delivered their speeches regarding the importance of peaceful and healthy environment.

Process, Format and Participants of the program:

MC began the program-Tree for Harmony: 2014. Mr. Basu Dev Khanal(President of HAPPS) was the chairman, Mr. Hem Chandra Mahato (Headmaster of Durbar High School) was the Chief Guest and Mr. Dinesh Devkota (School Supervisor of District Education Office, Kathmandu), Mr. Ramesh Pathak(Academician) and other singers, Journalists were the guests of the program. In the first part of program; the chairman, the chief guest and guests were welcomed in the Dias by the Presenter Mr. Kushal Aryal  (the Secretary of HAPPS). Then, the program was inaugurated by planting trees by the chairman, the chief guest, guests, members of HAPPS, students and all the participants of the event.

The chairman and the chief guest labelled the first planted tree as a ‘Harmony Tree’. About 25 trees were planted and HAPPS formed a committee to monitor/supervise them and to plant more trees in future. Chairman/President of HAPPS handed the responsibility to protect the planted trees to school and students.

Followed by inauguration through Tree Plantation, Discussion and posters/pamphlets displaying program was organized. Students, teachers, members of HAPPS, Journalists, Singers and all the participants of the program seemed to be discussing in different groups. Through their discussion and posters/pamphlets displaying, they extracted harmony and need of a healthy environment as the major challenges of this 21st Century. They also discussed the effects and ways to form a peaceful and healthy society.

The third part of the program was singing part. National Folk Singers Mr Krishna Ranabhat and Mr Amrit Sunari Magar sang different songs that carried the message of the need for peace and importance to protect our environment. Guests on the Dias and participants danced and enjoyed this part very much. This part of the program became the most effective one to aware the people.
Finally, speech competition on the topic: ‘Tree for Harmony’ was organized for the students of Durbar High School. First, Second, Third, Fourth and fifth prizes and certificates were awarded to the winners by the Chairman and the Chief Guest of the program. The chairman, the chief guest and guests of the program also delivered their speeches focusing on the importance of a peaceful and harmonious society. President of HAPPS provided Certificate of Appreciation to the principal of Durbar High School (Bhanu Ma. Vi.) in recognition of the support of the school to organize TREE FOR HARMONY successfully.


We are thankful to all our enthusiastic team members, guests, supporters, participants, volunteers, and all our well-wishers for their valuable support and cooperation to make this event highly successful.



Thank You!Posted 23rd September 2014 by HAPPS

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