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About Us

Introduction to the organization

Human Action for Peace, Prosperity and Sustainable Development (HAPPS) is a non-profit, non-political and non- governmental organization working in the field of Education, Awareness and Skills development. Established on 2014, the organization conducts short term as well as long term plans and projects in the above mentioned fields that are directly or indirectly associated with peace, prosperity and sustainable development in Nepal. Founded by a group of enthusiastic youths from different cultural, academic and professional backgrounds, HAPPS aims at contributing to the country’s peace, prosperity and sustainable development through its works, which may be research, workshops, trainings, conferences, seminars, different programs and other project activities and above all, awareness and empowerment to the general public. 



The vision of HAPPS is to create and live in an environment which fosters peace, prosperity and sustainable development.


“Education, Awareness and Skills for Peace, Prosperity & Sustainable Development”


Funding for HAPPS comes from:

  • Contributions from national individuals and organizations; Government grants
  • Individual Membership
  • Donations from  international organizations, and foreign individuals
  • Fund raising events

  • Embrace diversity in people
  • Strive for equal treatment
  • Pure service without financial motive
  • Responsible towards work and society
  • Work towards good moral and ethical behaviour
  • To be environmentally responsible
  • Support skill development and growth
  • Connect in the global arena
  • Promote a sense of community and co-operation

Our Approach

We are always looking for avenues to work to promote social harmony and co-operation. We want to explore different channels to be able to create positive impact where everyone will get an opportunity to attain good education and knowledge and learn skills to be self-reliant. We want to work towards environmental conservation and also promote awareness on different factors affecting the environment to ensure healthy environment for present and future generations. Ultimately, these all factors translate to maintaining peace, harmony, and promote sustainable development. We want to work with enthusiastic, motivated and inspirational people from different cultural backgrounds, geographical locations to generate ideas, collaborate and work on a shared agenda. 

Objectives Of HAPPS

  • To organise local, national and international level workshops, seminars, conferences and awareness programs that contribute to promote peace, prosperity and sustainable development in Nepal.
  • To conduct programs in school and community levels to promote moral and ethical values, tolerance, harmony and mutual co-operation
  • To organise programs to promote awareness on gender and caste discrimination, and eradicate social and cultural superstitions
  • To design programs to raise awareness on drug abuse and also rehabilitate and provide guidance to drug users
  • To conduct programs on health, and sanitation, creating public awareness on these issues
  • To produce documentaries, TV and radio shows, that reflects our vision of promoting peace, prosperity and sustainable development
  • To publish articles and research papers on issues that the organisation is focused on
  • To co-ordinate and implement various educational/awareness projects aimed towards development and conservation of environment, promotion of plantations and all other projects for dealing with bio-diversities and also to carry out research activities on the same field
  • To provide scholarships to needy and deserving students to complete their education as part of our mission of education for peace and prosperity

  • To undertake programs on personality development, skills development, entrepreneurship development to foster prosperity through employment generation.
  • To provide training to socially and economically backward communities, to empower them for the proper utilisation of available resources and develop other sources of income
  • To work towards capacity building for individual and organisation
  • To develop programs and training for promoting professional expertise and capability building in field of governance and international relations
  • To co-ordinate and implement various skills/capacity building projects aimed towards development and conservation of environment, promotion of plantations and all other projects for dealing with bio-diversities

  • To felicitate and award individuals or organisation, both national and international, for their valuable contribution towards peace, prosperity and sustainable development
  • To conduct “Youth and Student Exchange Programs” to promote cultural exchange and good relations among youths and students from different backgrounds and nationalities
  • To conduct various welfare programs to promote welfare of senior citizens, physically and mentally handicapped persons
  • To arrange and work for health and basic sanitation facilities and to organise blood donations and health camps in rural and less developed areas
  • To organise competitions on singing, dancing, quiz, art and sports to develop feelings of harmony and solidarity among children and youths, who are the futures of the nation.
  • To organise cultural programs, sports events as well as social events and also work on promoting Nepalese culture which can be a medium to promote peace and solidarity
  • To maintain good relationship with national as well as international individuals and organisation
  • To mobilize its' youth members for volunteer services during emergency situations, good campaigns and events to organise programs to support the victims of such disasters
  • To co-operate with national and international organisation and agencies by networking for the achievement of specific goals for the welfare and sustainable development of the country.
  • To raise funds by way of contribution by members, grants, donations, charity show, gifts etc., according to the existing regulations for completing our mission on contributing towards education, awareness and skills development
  • Our Structure

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